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Appeal of 26th National Convention

Posted by bamcef on October 16, 2009

Educate!                                    Organise!!                                     Agitate!!!



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The All India Backward (S.C., S.T., OBC) And Minority Communities Employees Federation, Delhi
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26th National Convention

Dates : 25th
to 28th December 2009

Place : Chandigarh


Dear Mulnivasi Bahujan friends,

It is a reality that mere formation of an organization does not ensure an accomplishment of its mission. To accomplish a mission its objectives needs to be pursued continuously and regularly in the form of different programmes and activities. Annual conferences and conventions of the organization becomes an important part of such programmes and activities. Keeping this understanding in mind BAMCEF has developed a culture of organizing a National convention regularly at the end of the year. The burning issues related to Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj are discussed and deliberated in National conventions with the view to give proper direction to the Mulnivasi Bahujan masses so as to build the required public opinion. This year on the occasion of 26th National convention following points will be the focus of the discussions and deliberations.

Instituationalization of Organization

BAMCEF during last 31 years had made organized efforts to establish it as an Institution to achieve the goal of social revolution set by our forefathers of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj.  In this process the organization had succeeded in establishing a unique identity of Phule-Ambedkarite Movement in the Indian society. This has also produced an institutional leadership on large scale. Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj has contributed a lot to bring this success. We know that this success is an out come of the continuous process of institutionalization of BAMCEF. Now we need to strengthen the same with more efforts.

Anti Mulnivasi – Brahminical Education Policy

The alien Aryan-Brahmins,  (the ruling caste) in the country are making efforts to enslave Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj by depriving them from higher education through conspiracies of privatization and commercialization of education, opposition to the representation in higher education, rise in the educational fees, arguing for creamy layer and making crooked  policy of reserving seats for forward caste in public institutions by referring to reservation of backward classes; and on the other hand in the name of literacy mission, campaign for education to all (sarva shiksha abhiyan) and education loan schemes for weaker sections they are basically trying to fool and mislead the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj. All these things are a part of organized conspiracies hatched by them.


The ruling castes are notoriously engaged in implementing the conspiracy of complicating the process of issuing caste certificates to the Backward Classes (SC, ST, OBC) and not accepting the caste certificates issued by one state in the other state of the country. This matter is related to a larger conspiracy to deprive Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj from availing its Constitutional rights. This has been observed that the high caste (Ruling caste) are producing the false caste certificates and availing the benefits of reservation policy. However instead of punishing them under the I.P.C (Indian Penal Code) the procedure of issuing caste certificates to backward classes is being made more and more complicated. Thus this act of the government is nothing but to protect the criminals and punish the real eligible candidates. Secondly, it is a constitutional rights of all the citizens of India to reside at any place for livelihood but by denial of accepting claims of backward classes  for representation in other states other than their paternal states by the government amounts to indirectly snatching away the constitutional rights of the backward classes.


India is a democratic republic having a system of representative governance. However in its basic institutions namely the legislature and executive (bureaucracy) the system of representation by reservation for Mulnivasi Bahujans is in practice. But there is no system of representation through reservation in Judiciary. Therefore whatever legislations are being enacted through the parliament the same are being nullified with the simple orders of Brahminical Judges dominating the Supreme Court and other courts in the country. Consequently instead of justice an injustice is being handed over to the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj from the supreme court and other courts in the country. On the basis of these facts we have concluded that without having representation to the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj in the judiciary, justice can’t be expected for them. Thus a solution to this serious problem is needs to be sought.


It is well known fact that Indus valley civilization is one of the oldest and greatest civilizations of the world. The historical facts have proved that alien Aryan Brahmins had destroyed the Indus valley civilization. By the destruction of Indus valley civilization the Mulnivasi Bahujan were degraded and enslaved. Therefore re-establishing the lost indigenous culture and civilization is very much needed. We are of the firm opinion that, by organizing the original inhabitants (Mulnivasis) of India with the help of their collective identity as “Mulnivasis” we can re-establish the Mulnivasi Culture, civilization and bring back the progress and prosperity to Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj.  BAMCEF is making multi dimensional efforts to make it happen. In this sequence we had decided to organize our 26th National Convention based on the theme – “Mulnivasi identity.”


We all know that Brahminism is the root cause of all kinds of inequalities, communal and castist hatred, unjust social and economic policies, attacks on human dignity and status, integrity and unity of nation. It may appear before us in the form of Brahminical Communism, socialism, Hinduism, Nationalism, Linguistics, regionalism, racism or discrimination but the main source of all the inequalities in India is Brahminism. Therefore Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar had stated “Uproot Brahminism the spirit of inequality”.  Hence BAMCEF has made this statement as an agenda of first priority in all of its activities including the program of National Convention.

Keeping these points and their contexts in mind the 26th National Convention is being organized. Therefore we earnestly appeal to the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj to whole heartedly contribute in form of physical, financial and intellectual participation in this convention to make it a grand success.

Jai Bhim! Jai Mulnivasi!!

Yours in Mission


National General Secretary

Date : 28th September,2009 (Ashok Vijayadeshmi)

Place : Central Office, New Delhi

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Chargesheet to the Ruling Castes

Posted by bamcef on April 7, 2009

Chargesheet to the Ruling Castes


Dear Mulnivasi Bahujan friends,

After independence we have adopted parliamentary democracy on 26th January 1950 through the constitution and promised to provide Justice, Liberty & Equality to all the citizens. The constitution has provided the principle of ‘one man one vote and one vote one value’ through adult franchise. Now we are going to elect our representatives for the 15th Lok Sabha in the month of April and May 2009. We are at pains to state that, even after 60 years of the commencement of the constitution the dream of the constitution makers to establish a democratic society has not been fulfilled. This is primarily because, the parliament is highly dominated by the ruling castes, through their money power. Therefore no laws are enacted in parliament for the advancement of the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj and even if they are enacted they are hardly implemented by the Executives of the ruling castes. Therefore on the occasion of 15th Lok Sabha election we must question the candidates from ruling castes and their porteges from the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj as to what moral right they have got to seek votes from Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj and charge sheet them with the following points :-

Economic Policy

  1. The ruling castes had adopted the policy of liberalization, privation and globalization (LPG) in the year 1991.
  2. The policy of LPG has not only affected the economic life of the various components of the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj comprising of SC,ST, OBC and converted religious minority but has affected their social/educational life as well.
  3. At the time of introduction of LPG the ruling castes have created a propaganda that LPG shall open up large number of employment opportunities.
  4. The LPG however had created few opportunities for the children of the ruling castes and large section of the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj has been denied the employment opportunities.
  5. Due to privatization, of the public sector such as VSNL, and sate of Hotels of hotel corporation the SC, ST, OBC and minorities components of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj have lost their jobs. Although protection clause was introduced in the agreement the same was not honoured by the private owners and the cases are still being fought up to the level of Supreme Court.
  6. Due to privatization of education, the education has become a costlier affair and, the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj cannot afford to provide the professional education such as medical and engineering courses to their children.
  7. Due to liberalization of economic policy the ruling castes have introduced the policy of ‘Special Economic Zone (SEZ)’. As a result the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj is loosing lakhs and lakhs of acres of cultivable agricultural land which is a main source of their livelihood.
  8. As a result of SEZ policy, the food production has considerably gone down and is not sufficient to meet the food requirement of the Nation.
  9. The per capita food availability per day is 470 gms. It is not sufficient to acquire optimum energy level of 2200 calories required for survival.
  10. As per the report of Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) an agency of United Nation, 963 million people are hungry in the world of which 20% (about 20 crores) hungry people are living in India.
  11. All these people are from Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj and are bound to die due to hunger.
  12. They cannot afford to purchase 470 gms of food grains for survival due to high level of inflation (food prices) of more than 13% and still is above 10% as per Consumer Price Index. Therefore the propaganda of development of “Aam Aadmi” is fraud to fool the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj.
  13. The ruling castes come to the power with the support of the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj but when it comes to frame the policies for their benefits they tacitly support their counterpart in trade/business and industry.
  14. The ruling castes are framing the economic policies and providing stimulus by economic package to trade business and industry, which are controlled by few individuals amongst ruling castes.
  15. Whereas the ruling caste does not frame the economic policies in favour of marginal farmers and landless labourers although 65% population of the society is solely dependant on agriculture sector.
  16. The ruling castes are lending lakhs of crores of rupees loan through public finance institutions (Bank) to the trade, business and industries of which more than Rs. 2 lack crores has resulted into Non Performing Assets (NPS) i.e. the amount of loan extended to few individuals in trade business and industry has not been recovered by the banks.
  17. Where as micro-lending advanced to the marginal farmers are being coercively recovered from the marginal farmers and at times when they are not in a position to repay the loans they resort to suicide.
  18. When Rs. 70,000 crores of loans was ordered to be waived by the government to the marginal farmers in the agricultural sector wherein 65% people are seeking employment, the ruling castes have vehemently opposed to the waiver.
  19. The agenda of construction of Ram Mandir is another fraud to use the sentiment of OBC, the component of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj to acquire power.
  20. Employment opportunities are not being created in the govt. sector after introduction of LPG their by denying job opportunities to Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj.
  21. The congress in its manifesto of 2004 had promised some land through proper implementation of “land ceiling and land redistribution Bill” to the landless families but nothing has happened even after laps of five years.

Educational Policy

  1. Due to reduction in the Govt. jobs the teachers are overloaded with non teaching tasks thereby are not in a position to concentrate on teaching.
  2. As a result the students from the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj are not imparted with quality education through the Govt. schools.
  3. The policy of promoting students without adequate knowledge impaired the students from Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj from acquiring knowledge and therefore they have no future in the future “knowledge society”.
  4. The adequate provisions of funds through Special Components Plan (SCP) and Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) are not made by the ruling castes for the advancement of SC/ST the components of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj.
  5. The major funds made available are also not used for hostel facility and scholarship but are diverted by the ruling castes for the general purpose or are returned to the Central Govt.
  6. The ruling caste people fraudulently obtained SC/ST certificates to sick the benefits of the reservation.
  7. Instead of investigating the matters and prosecuting such persons under Indian Penal Code, the SC & ST students are denied caste certificates unless they submit the records of their caste for the last 50 years from their native place.
  8. The ruling caste are engaged in the corrupt practices in the appointments of teacher therefore quality teachers are not available for imparting education to the students from Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj in the schools run by the Govt.

Reservation Policy

  1. The congress in its manifesto of 2004 had promised that, it will create a National consensus to provide reasonable share of jobs in the private sector to schedule castes and schedule tribes, the components of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj and also promised to promote a culture of entrepreneurships amongst these sections of the society however these provisions have been deleted from the “Common Minimum Programe” when the UPA govt. came in power in 2004.
  2. The ruling castes in the trade, business and industry have vehemently opposed to the govt. proposal for reservation in private sector.
  3. The ruling castes have conspired to enlist some caste in different schedules in the different states. The same caste finds its place in the schedule for SC in one state, ST in other state and OBC in the third state. This is deliberately done to disintegrate the castes under the schedules and thereby deny them the uniform benefits.
  4. The SC, ST, OBC and converted minorities components of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj from one state not provided the benefit of reservation in the other state although it is the constitutional right of the every citizen to reside anywhere in the country for his/her development.
  5. The democracy is a form of a government by representation. Therefore the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj aspires for the representation by reservation in legislature, Executive and Judiciary.
  6. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar therefore provided representation by reservation in the educational institutions and public services in the fundamental rights under the article 15 & 16 of the constitution.        
  7. Whereas reservation to SC, ST in the legislature is provided under article 330 of the constitution.
  8. It was initially provided for 10 years and the ruling castes had been extending this period after every 10 years to co-opt the politicians from SC, ST to exercise control over the SC, ST masses to maintain their hegemony.
  9. Whereas when the SC, ST and Minority the components of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj assert for their fundamental rights for seeking representation in educational institutions and the employment provided under article 15 & 16 of the constitution, the ruling castes are entering into a false propaganda through print and electronic media that the reservation was only for 10 years and it should be done awaywith.
  10. The element of creamy layers was deliberately introduced by the ruling caste in respect of representation by reservation to OBC in the educational institutions and employment to deny the benefits to eligible and competent candidates.
  11. The ruling castes are denying the representation by reservation to OBC other than the creamy layer category on the ground of non availability of the suitable candidates.
  12. The ruling castes thus conspiring to deny the benefits of representation by reservation to OBCs and the judiciary held that reserved vacant seats /posts shall go to the general category candidates. 
  13. The UPA Govt. has recently introduced a schedules caste and scheduled tribe (Reservation in a post and services) Bill 2008 in the parliament and got it passed in the Rajya Sabha.
  14. The policy of representation by reservation is basically an affirmative action whereas section 4(1) (iii) & (iv) of said bill provides that no reservation to SC & ST from amongst Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj shall be provided to the posts higher than the lowest grade of group A posts and qualified as scientific or technical posts and posts higher than the lowest grade of group A posts in institutions of national importance and Indian institutes of management specified in the schedule.
  15. This section of the bills is very against the constitutional objective and the objective of the bill which is basically introduced to provide the benefits and not to deny the benefits is therefore detrimental to the interest of SCs & STs, the components of the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj.
  16. The provisions of the affirmative action in the constitution are basically against the mind set of the people from the ruling castes and whenever they are seating in the position of power their mindset resists the provisions and therefore the constitutional objective of establishing democratic society based on equality, liberty, fraternity and justice is not achieved.
  17. This Section 4(1)(iv) of the bills is a reflection of the mindset of the ruling castes.
  18. The women’s reservation bill was introduced in the parliament in the year 2005 and the ruling castes are bent upon to pass it in its present form providing 33% to the women on the ground that the equality and justice is denied to the women in the society. However no rational has been provided to the figure of 33%.
  19. The Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj when argues for reservation within reservation meaning thereby the 33% reservation provided in the bill should be apportioned amongst the SC, ST, OBC and minority and general category of women in proportion of their population as the SC, ST, OBC & minority women are more deprived as compared to the general category women, the ruling castes vehemently oppose to this proposition without any logical explanation.
  20. To our mind the ruling castes have realized that sooner or later they will have to concede the position of the Prime Minister to the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj in a democracy on the basis of the larger representation likely to be achieved in the parliament and therefore by route of “Women Reservation Bill” they wanted to increase their strength in the parliament to retain the position of the prime minister for perpetual dominance and to protect their own vested interest.         
  21. The “Sachhar Committee Report” proposed reservation to Muslims for their socio-economic empowerment. If the reservation to the Muslims is provided in the name of religion then the forward castes amongst the Muslims will grab the major share and the backward castes amongst the Muslims will be deprived of their rightful share and the objective of their socio-economic empowerment will be defeated. Thus a proposition of providing reservation to the Muslims in the name of religion is a conspiracy by high caste Muslims joining hands with ruling castes.
  22. The judiciary is highly dominated by the ruling castes and at times is handing out injustice in the name of justice to the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj. A case in hand is that according to judiciary the reservation is not a fundamental right.

National Policy

  1. The ruling castes are responsible for global warming as they are the highest consumer of petroleum products and coal based energy. Due to rise in temperature by 0.680C in India, the wheat yield goes down by 10%. Presently the production of wheat is about 80 million tones which would be further reduced to 70 million tones, thereby creating acute shortage of food availability leading to hunger deaths of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj.



Friends, the solution lies in the hands of our society (Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj). The solution is to awaken and organize the society under the identity of “Mulnivasi” and thereby place our people in the power structure with the view to create and establish a social democracy in India. We hope you will take a right view and throw out the ruling castes from the power.


Jai Bheem! Jai Mulnivasi!!


Yours in the Phule-Ambedkarite Mission

 National President                                     National Secretary

Mulnivasi Sangh 

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Dr. Ambedkar Lectures – 2009 at Columbia University, New York

Posted by bamcef on April 5, 2009


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Mr. M. S. Bahal attended a programme organised by Bharat Rattan B. R. Ambedkar Association Regd. Italy

Posted by bamcef on January 2, 2009

Since last 9 years the work of BAMCEF is growing steadily at international level.  It is due to hard efforts of Mr. M. S. Bahal (Coordinator, BAMCEF International Network) and other activists of BAMCEF who are working and residing in different countries. Recently, Mr. M. S. Bahal was invited as a guest by Bharat Rattan B. R. Ambedkar Association, Italy to attend a function at Italy. On this occasion he delivered a speech and enlightened the audience about Phule Ambedkar movement and BAMCEF’s aims /objectives and work.  Here are few photographs of said programme.









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Programme Schedule of 25th BAMCEF National Convention

Posted by bamcef on December 17, 2008



Programme Schedule


Date: 27th December 2008 Time: 10: 00 am to 1:30 pm

(Lunch Break 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM)


Date: 27th Dec.2008 (Saturday) | Time: 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Subject: Self Introspection by the cadres with regards to work done by them and ways and means to achive long term ob- jective of the organization.

BAMCEF had committed itself to the objective of Social Change and had trained its cadres to achieve the same. Keeping this objective in mind, cadres of BAMCEF are active in the society for past three decades and have been continuously educating and awakening the masses. These efforts have resulted in reviving the Phule-Ambedkarite movement to the extent that it has been acknowledged by all the prevailing forces in the country. Certainly this stage could be achieved due to tireless efforts and commitment of cadres for building the movement. However, since the ultimate objective is yet to be achieved, the process of further strengthening the movement has to continue and cadres will be required to put in more and more efforts in determined manner. BAMCEF will be entering the fourth decade in 2009 and on the occasion of Silver Jubilee National Convention, we need to take a review of the work done by us in the past and plan for future. We need to do the introspection to asses and quantify the work done in the past. We need to reflect, whether we had been working in right manner, whether our work was matching with the requirement of our objective and to what extent our caravan has moved in the right direction to achieve the objective. Self-introspection in this regard will not only help us to understand the working of the Phule – Ambedkarite mission in the past but also will help us to learn the lessons from the past and plan for future so that we achieve our ultimate objective of bringing Social Change at the earliest.

 Delegates from different states shall participate.

Mr. Dayaram (C.E.C. Member, BAMCEF) shall preside over

(Tea Break 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM)

Performance by Cultural Troupe – 6.30 to 7.00 pm


Date: 27th Dec.2008 (Saturday) | Time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Subject: Identification of Mulnivasi Culture and Challenges for its revitalization in the society.

Several Researches in History, Geography,Archaeology,Anthropology have highlighted the fact that the Mulnivasis of this country had nurtured highly developed glorious civilization on the banks of Indus River during ancient times. But after the invasion of Aryans, the Brahmins destroyed the egalitarian culture of Mulnivasis and imposed on them the inequal, inhuman brahmanical culture and brahmanized the Mulnivasi people of this land. In spite of this the roots of Mulnivasi culture could not be totally eliminated and the glimpses of which , in symbolic form, could still be clearly seen even today in Mulnivasi traditions, festivals, life styles, food habits, costumes etc.. But because of the influence and mixing of brahmanical culture it is difficult to distinguish and identify the mulnivasi culture. It has therefore become a challenging situation to understand, adopt and practice the glorious cultural values in the society. To explore the cultural values and various dimensions of Mulnivasi culture we are discussing this topic.


Dr. A.H. Salunke (Social Thinker, Maharashtra)

Dr. Vilaxan Ravidas (Prof., Tilka Majhi University, Bhagalpur)

Mr. G. Aloysis (Social Activist, New Delhi)

Mr. D.D. Kalyani ( CEC Member, BAMCEF) shall preside over


Date: 28th Dec. 2008 (Sunday) | Time: 10:00 am to 1.00 pm

Subject: We should have firm belief in the objective and awakening program rather than adopting reactionary methods.

The Post-Ambedkarite era has witnessed rise and fall of many Ambedkarite organizations. Though the initial formations of the organizations were with sincere desire and pious intentions but in due course these organizations simply vanished from the scene or aligned with other forces for petty gains. This gave a major setback to Phule-Ambedkarite movement and the masses became leaderless. Secondly, it is also observed that on several occasions, the Phule-Ambedkarite masses have spontaneously reacted to the unjust act of the ruling class. However, such reactions could not result into building the movement. Enthusiasm of the masses faded with equal speed with which they reacted on the issue. In both cases it can be observed that, neither there was specific and long term objective of Social Change before them, nor there was any desire to build the movement. BAMCEF has a very clear objective of Social Change, which our fore fathers had set for us. BAMCEF has never diluted, compromised or modified the objective. It is for this reason that BAMCEF did not turn out to be a compromising force. BAMCEF is of a firm opinion that unless there is specific and long term objective in front of us, the movement cannot be built. Having the objective, therefore, becomes a pre-requisite for building the movement. Therefore it becomes mandatory for cadres that they should have firm belief in and dedication towards the Objective of Social Change. Superficial sentimental involvement, without clarity and belief in the Objective, will pose a threat to the movement. If we express our firm belief in the objective, then it is our bounden duty that we keep awakening the masses rather than letting the potential drain out by reactionary methods. We had decided to discuss the subject in this perspective.

Speakers: Delegates from different states shall participate.

Mr. S.R. Mourya (Director Training, BAMCEF) shall preside over

(Lunch Break 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM)


Date: 28th Dec.2008 (Sunday) | Time: 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Subject: The present National Economic policy is detrimental to achieve constitutional goal of economic justice for Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj.

The strength of any nation depends upon presence and practice of values of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Justice in its social, political and economic life. Accordingly, these values were incorporated in our Constitution, quite explicitly in Preamble, Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy to make Indian Nation economically strong and Governments were expected to formulate and implement the Economic Policies to achieve the Constitutional Objective of Economic Justice. But instead of doing this, governments are making the policies which cause Gross Economic Injustice to Mulnivasi Bahujans (SC/ST/OBC/Religiously Converted Mulnivasi) who are 85 percent of Indian Population. This is resulting in inequality of income and wealth, mass unemployment, illiteracy, poverty, hunger, diseases, starvation deaths and even suicides due to economic distress. This misdeed of rulers is against national interests and therefore needs to be exposed. This is a serious issue for Mulnivasi Intellectuals and therefore this topic is taken for discussion.


Dr. Victor Louis Anthuvan (Prof.Finance,Loyala Institute,Chennai)

Dr. Pradeep Prajapati (Dean, Faculty of Art, Gujrat University)

and other Prominant Speakers

Mr. B.D. Borkar (Member CEC, BAMCEF) shall preside over

(Tea Break 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM)

Performance by Cultural Troupe – 6.00 to 6.30 pm


Date: 28th Dec.2008 (Sunday) | Time 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Subject: Brahmanical Terrorism is much more dangerous than any other form of terrorism.

The country has witnessed several forms of terrorism during the past 15-20 years. The Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj was invariably the victim of all these terrorist acts irrespective of the group who committed the act. Recently the terrorism has again become an issue in national discourse. Religious colour is been given to these acts of terrorism. The National press is reporting them as Sikh terrorism, Islamic terrorism and Hindu terrorism. The issue is why people take to terrorism? Are they born terrorist? In democracy every section of the society has right to assert for their rights through free expression of their thoughts. However, brahmanical forces in the name of Hindu majority terrorize the atmosphere and gagged the voice of millions of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj so that they do not assert for their rights. They have destroyed many generations of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj by imposing mental slavery. It was therefore, decided to expose the brahmanical terrorism and awaken the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj.


Mr. S.V. Rajadurai (Scholar,Periyar Studies,Ooty.)

Dr. Vivek Kumar (Prof.,Dept.of Sociology J.N.U.New Delhi),

Dr. P. M. Shrimali (HOD Dept.of History, LC Mehta Colleage of Arts,Ahmedabad)

Mr. S.F. Gangawane (National Pracharak, BAMCEF) shall preside over.

N.R.I. Delegate Session

Date: 29th Dec.2008 (Monday) | Time: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Subject: Duty and moral responsibility of NRI’s to fulfill the expectation of Phule-Ambedkarite movement.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkars emphasis on higher education had motivated the mulnivasi bahujan samaj which created the large number of highly educated people. But at the same time there is a vast section of the society who is still under the grip of social inequalities and are deprived of their basic rights. It is therefore a duty of educated lot to strive for the emancipation of the deprived section by strengthening the Phule-Ambedkarite movement. BAMCEF over past three decade had made efforts to rope in this educated class into the movement and use the available resouces to build the movement. Also the sizeable  number of this educated people had setteled abroad who still has concern for their  brethren here in India. This concern is a great asset for the movement. The intellectual and economic resources and the social feelings in them, if consolidates and put to use can uproot the social disabilities of Indian community. It is therefore, necessary to consolidate all these resources and make Phule-Ambedkarite movement more effective. It is in this regard the duties and moral responsibilities of NRIs needs to be discussed and evaluated towards their brethren.


Mr. Ashish Jiwane (U.A.E. Dubai),

Mr. Raju Kamble (Calgery,Canada)

Ms. Kamlesh Ahir (Canada),

Mr. Sonu Ambedkar (California)

Mr. M.S. Bahal (International Co-ordinator, London) shall preside over.

 (Lunch Break 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM)


Date: 29th Dec. 2008 (Monday) | Time: 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Subject: De-brahmanization of Tribals and their socio-economic emancipation.

Tribals are most neglected and exploited section of Indian society. The main reason is, in the past they had openly opposed and fought against Aryan invasion and subsequent rule. The Arya Brahmin had therefore forced the Adivasis to lead the sub-human life in the forest. Despite they struggled a lot to preserve their original identity and glorious culture. The Mulnivasi identity and culture preserved by the tribals has become a matter of concern for brahmanical forces because of which they are trying to replace the Adivasi identity by Vanvasi identity and Adivasi culture by so called Hindu culture. With the change of this nomenclature, the process of brahmanization of tribals has started. Besides this, attempts are made to identifiy and divide the tribals on religious basis by calling them as Hindu Adivasi, Non-Hindu Adivasi, Christian Adivasi etc., so that they keep fighting amongst themselves. Natural resources like forests, land and water have always remained the source of livelihood and part cultural milieu of the tribals. However this has been snatched away by mafia, landlords, money lenders and even the industrialists in the name of development and Adivasis are compelled to move out of their original dwellings. The ruling class is watching the situation as silent spectator. Due to this the socio-economic condition of tribals is getting worst day by day. This socio-economic man made disaster caused by brahmnical forces is creating havoc for Adivasis such as starvation deaths of children, epidemics and mass illiteracy. It is therefore necessary that the Adivasis needs to be de-brahmanized and emancipated from their social and economic exploitation. To analyze this problem and to arrive at some solution we had kept this topic for discussion.


Dr. Ramdayal Munda (Former Vice Chancellor,Ranchi University)

Dr. Hemlata Maheshwar (Guru Ghasidas University,Bilaspur)

Dr. Anuja Tigga (Prof.of Geography, Andhra University)

Mr. S.S. Dhammy (C.E.C. Member, BAMCEF) shall preside over

(Tea Break 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM)


Date: 29th Dec.2008 (Monday) | Time: 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Subject: Sub-Categorization of Constitutional reservation amongst castes – A Conspiracy of rulers to initiate infighting among organizing Mulnivasi Samaj.

It is well known fact that our forefathers have done the revolutionary work of emancipating the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj from the mental slavery of Brahminism. Because of which the Socially and Educationally Backward Classes (S.E.B.C.) viz., S.C., S.T. and O.B.Cs have been emerged and provided representation in governance and Administration through the constitution. Reservetion was the mechanism introduced by Babasheb uniting the mulnivasis under the nomenclature of S.C.,S.T.,and O.B.C, who were earlier divided into several thousand castes by Brahmanical system. The educated Mulnivasis from among these classes have been leading the movement of liberating the mulnivasis which fundamentally resulted in altering the social, economic and political equations of the country. Today the situation has come to such level that unless the Mulnivasi Bahujan people are divided, the Arya Brahmins will not be able to comfortably rule the country. Therefore, Brahminis who are presently ruling the counting are making the policies to divide the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj and make them fight among themselves, by destroying the spirit of constitutional representation through reservation. Many state Governments have proposed sub-categorisation of reservation in their states and recently the central Government also has preparred the Bill which will be tabled soon in the parliament. Hence, this topic has been kept to alert the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj about the conspiracy of the ruling classes and the damage it may cause to the liberation movement of the Mulnivasis.


Dr. K.S. Chauhan (Senior Lawyer Supreme Court,New Delhi),

Prof. Sudhakar Mohod (Social Thinker,Maharashtra)

Prof. Devnarayan Singh Yadav (HOD,Law Dep. Lucknow Univ.)

Dr. Chandu Maiske (National President, BAMCEF) shall preside over.

 Off-shoot wings Session

Date: 30th Dec. 2008 (Tuesday) | Time 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Subject: Responsibility and action program of Off-Shoot wings of BAMCEF for social change.

In a democracy, rights can be won by mass movement through democratic struggle and the mass movement can be built by organizing different sections of the society by penetration of ideology. Not that Phule-Ambedkarite ideology is not known to Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj, but still we are far away from the critical mass that is required to launch a democratic struggle to snatch the lost rights. The reason is that on one hand we are not yet organized for bringing social change and on the other hand if at all we organize, it is fragmented organization under the political leadership who have always used the masses to meet their selfish ends as per contingencies of the situation. Therefore unless we organize the different sections of the society under the leadership of social organisation we cannot build strong movement to achieve our rights. We have therefore decided to launch different offshoot wings for different sections of the society such as students, youths, ladies, teachers, pensioners etc., ensure penetration of Phule Ambedakrite ideology in them and thus through them organize the society at the grass root to build the mass movement. In this background, the responsibility and action program of offshoot wings will be discussed.


Mr. U.N. Shingade (National President BAMCEF PensionersWing)

Dr. P.D. Satyapal (National President BAMCEF Teachers Wing)

Dr. Manisha Bangar (National President Mulnivasi Mahila Sangh)

Mr. Sumantai Tirpude (National President BAMCEF Mahila Wing)

Mr. Sanjay Ingole (National President Mulnivasi Sangh)

Mr. Dhanajay Zakarde (National President BAMCEF Culture Wing)

Mr. B.D. Borkar (C.E.C. Member, BAMCEF) shall preside over


Date: 30th Dec. 2008 (Tuesday) | Time: 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm

 Speakers: Senior CEC Member, BAMCEF

Dr. Chandu Maiske (National President,BAMCEF) shall preside over.

(Lunuch Break 1.30 to 3.00PM)

 Jai Bheem! Jai Mulnivasi!!

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Silver Jubilee National Convention of BAMCEF at Nagpur

Posted by bamcef on December 14, 2008


Click here to download ‘Programme Schedule’ of BAMCEF’s 25th National Convention

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News Report: 1st National Convention of Mulnivasi Women

Posted by bamcef on November 23, 2008

The first national convention of Mulnivasi Mahila Sangh and BAMCEF Women Wing successfully held a Bharat Scout and Guide Hall Dadar, Mumbai on 18th and 19th October, 2008. Ms. Shashi Minz (IAS, Director National Academy of Custom Excise and Narcotics, Faridabad, Haryana), Dr. A. H. Salunkhe (Renowned thinker and Writer, Satara, Maharashtra) and Mr. B. D. Borkar, IRS (CEO of BAMCEF Offshoot Wings) were present in the inauguration session of the Convention. Mrs. Suman Tirpude, National President of BAMCEF Women Wing, delivered the introductory speech and Dr. Manisha Bangar, National President of Mulnivasi Mahila Sangh presided over the inauguration session. Over 300 women participated in this convention from all over India. 


In this two days national convention, three awakening sessions, one delegate session and one special session were organised. On the first day of convention Dt. 18th November the topic of “Women Reservation Bill – the brahminical conspiracy to deny representation in the parliament to the Mulnivasi women” was discussed. Ms. Paurnima Katkar (Deputy Director of sport authority of India, Gujarat), Dr. Pradnya, Ms. Sudha Mohile (Social Activist, Mumbai), Ms. Jayashri Shelke (State President, Jijau Brigade, Maharashtra) shared their views on above subject.  Mrs. Sanhita Sudame (CEC Member of Mulnivasi Mahila Sangh) delivered the introductory speech and Mrs. Sunita Kumar (CEC Member Mulnivasi Mahila Sangh) presided over the session. In the afternoon session of the same day the topic “The present economic, Educational and health policy of Government of India, is the policy to throw mulnivasi women into unended slavery” was discussed. Prof. Nutan Malvi (Lecturer, and social activist, Wardha), Ms. Jayashri Ghadi (Lokshasan Andolan, Mumbai) delivered the speech, Mrs. Tanuja Nepale delivered introductory speech on this subject, and Mrs. Suman Tirpude presided over the session.

On the next day of convention, the participants who were come from different states and districts of the India discussed on following issue: “Ways & Means to enhance the involvement of Mulnivasi Bahujan Women in the movement for socio cultural transformation.” On this issue Mrs. Vaishali Pawar, Ms. Snehalata Kurane, Mrs. Sommaiya Bahen, Mrs. Meshram, Mrs. Manda Wankhede, Mrs. Tanuja Nepale, Ms. Pinal Solanki, Ms. Aruna Kumari shared their views and Ms. Baljinder Kaur (Convener, Mulnivasi Mahila Sangh, Ludhiana, Punjab) presided over the session.

mms_conv_02On the second days awakening session “The Mulnivasi women must emulate the “Compatriot” (friend & colleague), role model of women of Mulnivasi culture, rather than the “Pativrata” (man worshipping) model of women, of Brahminical culture” topic was discussed in detail.  Mr. Rajshekhar Undru (IAS, Haryana), Mr. Ratnakar Dandawate, Mr. Suresh Gaikwad, Mr. D. K. Sudame shared their views. Dr. Pradnya delivered introductory speech on this subject and Dr. Manisha Bangar presided over the session.

“The Words & Language used to mobilize the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj towards socio-cultural revolution, should be liberating, harmonizing and should express a collective identity”, topic also discussed in the second day of convention.  Dr. A. H. Salukhe focused light on this issue with all dimensions of history, language and culture. Mrs. Venu Kartik delivered introductory speech on this topic.

On the occasion of this 1st National Convention the cultural programme conducted by Sangli Maharashtra, Unit was an attraction for the participants. 

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You all are cordially invited to attend the 2nd National Convention of Mulnivasi Sangh at Delhi

Posted by bamcef on November 21, 2008

We are very glad to inform you that today Mulnivasi Sangh is holding its 2nd National Convention at Delhi. The convention will go on for two days i.e., 22nd and 23rd November 2008. Those who are in Delhi, please attend this convention. The venue of convention is: Bapu Samaj Sewa Kendra, Panchkuian Road, Near Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Bhavan, New Delhi – 5.

Today i.e., on 22nd November 2008 at 11.00am Prof. Akhalaque Mohammad (JNU) will inaugurate the convention. Mr. B. D. Borkar, IRS (CEO of BAMCEF Offshoot wings) will also address the convention as a special invitee. Mr. Sanjay Ingole will preside over the inauguration session.

In this two days national convention following topics will be discussed: 1) The Brahmincal terrorism in higher educational institutions against constitutional rights of mulnivasi backward classes, 2) Phule-Ambedkar Movement and present situation of India, 3) The injustice and atrocities against Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj and the role of mulnivasi highly educated students to end it, and 4) ‘We the Mulnivasis of India: A multi-dimensional analysis’ and  ‘The exercise of foreigner Arya Brahmins to prove themselves as inhabitants of India is itself a proof that they are the outsiders of India.’

Prof. Vivek Kumar (JNU, Delhi), Mr. Irshadul Haque (Reporter, BBC Patana, Bihar), Mr. Ashok Kumar (Andhrapradesh University, AP), Dh. Maitriveer Nagarjun (PhD Candidate, JNU, Delhi), and Mr. Rajnish Kumar (Jamia Millia University, Delhi), Mr. Dhananjay Zakarde (President, Mulnivasi Sanskritik Sangh) Mr. Manoj Nag (General Secretary, Mulnivasi Sangh) are the guest speakers of the convention.

You all are cordially invited to attend the Mulnivasi Sangh’s 2nd National Convention!

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Posted by newjournalist on October 11, 2008




Need for Teachers Wing

BAMCEF has decided to organize Indian society under Phule Ambedkarite ideology. However it has its limitations to reach entire society as there are specific issues relating to each section of the society. It is therefore decided to have a focused approach to organize teachers under Phule Ambedkarite ideology to coordinate, nurture and promote teachers from Mulnivasi Samaj at all levels of education in order to make them conscious of their historical responsibility of establishing a democratic society. This is an extended arm of BAMCEF to organize teachers from elementary level to post-graduate level (Teachers, Lecturers and Professors) to foster their interests.

What is BAMCEF

Mulnivasi Bahujans (OBC, SC, ST & converted minorities from these sections) are the original inhabitants of India who have been the victims of the Brahmanical system. This inhuman system of social stratification, referred to as Caste system, was imposed as a result of Aryan invasion and the subsequent degradation of the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj. They have been graded and degraded into thousands of castes resulting in mutual contempt and hatred and thus were relegated to physical and mental slavery for thousands of years. The Arya brahmanical forces form a minority of the population but still hold the reins of power and command over resources in such a manner that the Mulnivasi people are economically exploited, culturally degraded and socially subjugated to work for them. In spite of fifty seven years of Constitutional provisions, brought in by the relentless struggles of our forefathers (the Phuley-Ambedkarite movement for social change), only a small section of Mulnivasi bahujan samaj acquired education and economic advancement, but are culturally treated as inferior members in the society. It was therefore decided to organize employees from SC, ST, OBC and converted minority under the banner of BAMCEF.

          The goal of BAMCEF is to awaken and liberate the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj culturally from the hegemony of the brahmanical forces and establish an egalitarian society based on Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. BAMCEF has launched and is promoting a matrix of sister organizations to address educated employees among the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj, working in different fields.

Role of Education    

Education plays an important role in the development of individual and human society. An educated person can distinguish what is good for him and good for society. He can guide the society to establish a society based on liberty, equality, fraternity and justice. However after 58 years of constitutional provisions we have failed to achieve the Constitutional objective to establish a society based on equality, liberty, fraternity and justice. It reflects on the type of education being imparted in our country and intellectual honesty of educated class.

Educational Scenario

India spends only 3.8% of GNP on Public education as against 7% by Canada. Even an underdeveloped country like Namibia spends 9.1% on public education. 46% population in India aged 15 years and above is illiterate as against 22% in China. Large numbers of children are engaged in labour works. 47% of 10 crores children enrolled in schools get dropped at primary school level itself. Rural literacy rate is 56% as against 80% in urban areas. There is a vast difference in quality of education between rural and urban areas. Female literacy rate in India is 48% as against 78.5% in Namibia and 79.5% in Indonesia, respectively. About a quarter of the population is yet to get access to primary school and only 6.8% of the population got access to higher education so far. About 21000 schools are still run by single teacher. There is a great lack of infrastructure. Student- teacher ratio is quite high. The expenditure on education, instead of rising, is dropped from 20% in 1995-96 to 18% in 2007-08.

Why this apathy towards education despite promises since 1969 that 6% GNP shall be spent on education? This is because large section of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj resides in rural India. The Brahminal forces which are controlling power through legislature, executive and judiciary do not want to implement the Constitutional duty of providing socio-economic justice to the deprived section of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj. With this background, it becomes clear that the role and responsibility of Teachers from Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj is quite high. Wherever they are, they must discharge their duty sincerely and help Mulnivasi students with quality education.            

Teachers and the society

          The role and reach of teachers in any society cannot be under estimated as they educate and shape the thought process and behavior of generations of youth who play a prominent role in changing the destiny of the nation. It is not an exaggeration to say that teachers act as beacon lights of social change. Education system is the bedrock of the society. The quality of education sets the boundaries of what a society can do, and what its people, both individually and collectively can achieve. However many of the teachers coming from the Mulnivasi background are unaware of their actual cultural position due to lack of social education, which place them in the paradoxical situation of serving the goals of the enemy.

The brahmanical forces have been successful in negating the attempts of incorporating social change pedagogy in the curriculum and school culture. On the contrary they have been pushing ahead the pogrom of revival of so-called Vedic learning using modern science and technology. They are reimposing Brahmanical culture as infallible and divine on Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj to maintain status quo.

Problems of Teachers in General

          Teachers at all levels in general and school level teachers in particular, are over burdened as many posts are kept unfilled. Teachers at primary level are assigned government and other responsibilities relating to various schemes periodically. Therefore they are not in a position to devote to their work. However they are made responsibility for the poor performance of the students. The salary of teachers is invariably delayed. As a result they have to bear financial constraints which ultimately affect their family and therefore they are not in a position to concentrate on teaching. Although teaching is a noble profession and has nothing to do with the politics, entire academia has been politicized leading to affiliation of Teachers’ Associations to political organizations. Therefore, lot of politics is being played in transfers/postings of teachers. Sincere teachers are invariably victimized.            

Problems of Mulnivasi Teaches

          A Mulnivasi teacher enjoys relatively better status compared to an ordinary Mulnivasi person. However he is also subjected to subtle discrimination with regard to hiring of rental accommodation in villages as well as in some urban centers. They are reminded of their social position and avoid social intercourse with them. At associations level also Mulnivasi teachers are relegated to insignificant positions. Political connections and economic status plays a vital role in deciding leadership at each level in the Associations. The Mulnivasi teachers are invariably victimized in transfer/posting matters. Mulnivasi teachers hardly have any say over content of education. As the content of syllabi and the social reality mismatch, the Mulnivasi teachers often get confused and defocused. Furthermore, Mulnivasi teachers are assigned other responsibilities such as Wardens, In charge of mid-day meal scheme, administrative positions in colleges and universities which ultimately affect their performance in teaching. They are hardly encouraged in the research work.

The Mulnivasi teachers are in an unfortunate condition of being divided and spread out among several organizations with narrow and immediate goals without having a broad cultural perspective. The damage done due to this condition is two fold:

(1)      Their energies have not been properly focused on the larger goal of cultural emancipation; they are unconsciously promoting the interests of their adversaries due to their ignorance.

(2)      They are not in a position to realize that their own career problems like promotions, transfer etc., are due to the manipulation by the brahmanical forces. In fact, the insecurity and powerlessness among the Mulnivasi teachers is the result of the calculated Brahmanical design forcing them to undertake jobs like Contract Teachers, Vidya Volunteers, Contract Lecturers, Teaching Associates, Teaching  Assistants etc. It is the result of the convergence of two enslaving forces- Capitalism and Brahminism.

They are not realizing that the root cause of all their problems lies in the brahmanical system, but are wasting their energy in fighting the problems arising out of the system. The situation can be remedied only by uniting the Mulnivasi teachers under the banner of BAMCEF Teachers Wing.

The Mulnivasi Identity

          We have been organizing society under the banner of BAMCEF as SC, ST and OBC, which are the identities assigned by our adversaries in their own interest. These identities do not bring about emotional integrity amongst different components of organization. We were therefore in search of an identity which shall give us a sense of pride and bind us with an emotional integrity.

          Mulnivasi identity is one such identity which not only binds us with emotional integrity and gives us sense of pride but also provides us with the powerful weapon to combat Brahminism. Mulnivasi identity draws a clear line of demarcation between indigenous people and Arya Brahmins. It is a homogenizing and unifying cultural force of the fragmented Mulnivasi people.

The present initiative

At this juncture, there is a need for a large body of intelligentsia which has the capacity of things and commitment to the cause and at the same time clear about the Brahminical strategy. The Mulnivasi teachers are the right section of the society to launch a cultural war against brahminism.

It has therefore been decided to organize teachers as separate wing of BAMCEF to harmonize and organize Mulnivasi teachers at all levels of education. The specific objective of BAMCEF Teachers Wing is to bring them under one umbrella, fix their goals, strengthen their base and use their strategic position as teachers of society as channels of propagation of Phule-Ambedkar ideology and undertake the problems of teachers at all levels with the respective Governments and if need be launch mass agitation.

       It is imperative on the Teachers to realize their social responsibility and join this movement to establish a society with “One man – One value”.


Join BAMCEF Teachers Wing! Strengthen Phule-Ambedkarite Movement!!


Jai Bheem!  Jai Mulnivasi!!

Yours in Phule-Ambedkarite Mission,


Dr. P. D. Satya Pal

National President,

BAMCEF Teachers Wing.

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Message to Mulnivasi Valmiki Jatti…

Posted by bamcef on April 30, 2008

Message to Mulnivasi Valmiki Jatti On Birth Anniversary of Rashtyapita Joytiba Phuley and Baba Sahib Ambedkar

Co-coordinator BAMCEF, International network

First of all I congratulate and send my best wishes to all Indians Mulnivasis) ,where ever the live in this world,on the birth anniversary of all our Maha Purshans. Bamcef in the month of April don’t celebrate and salute to only Baba Sahib Ambedkar but to all our Mahanpurshans whose great scarifies lead us for freedom.

” To all the poor of my mother land
Who have the power forever.
For whom Ambedkar did stand
Give up poverty, but power never”

I am glad to inform the international oppressed people ( Mulnivasi) of India that since joining as a the members of Bamcef, I have attended and spoken to large number of the Valmiki Community as well.. From the platform of bamcef Hundreds of state convention of Mulnivasi Valmiki (Scavenging Caste) Mukti Samalans are held all over India.. It is a matter of immense satisfaction that “The Valmiki awakening campaign of Bamcef is in full swing”. Though I am unable to attend many Samalens time to time, but I always feel personally with them all the time and my heart and my mind is always with them… First of all, I congratulate all my Krantikari sathi for a worthy cause and send my best wishes to all of you where ever you are in this world .I hope you will have a grand success in taking the message and light of Phuley-Ambedkar ideology to dark quarters of Valmiki jati and drive out the false illusions of devilish thought of Mr. Gandhi. It is time to let the clean air of new thought sweep through the dwellings of Valmiki and rejuvenate some new hopes. Our fight is not for material gains, but for human dignity and self-respect. We want our share of political and economic progress proportion to our population. We have seen the fall of Slavery, Apathies, fascism and fundamentalism time has come to see the back of Casteism as well, which in intensity is for more sinful and tyrant than above regimes It doesn’t matter how powerful or wicked the regimes may be!, it has to end when people have decided to stand against it and confront it. If we didn’t wake up to out duties and stood up to the challenges of the day the history of India will register us as the most coward. Careless and week people who ever lived on this earth. There is no need for me to brief you about the sad effects of casteism. I know today the Baniya-Brahmin is very powerful, but surely not invincible, if Baba sahib can beat the hell out of them single handily, certainly we can also do so. Remember Baba sahib devoted his entire life to struggle for our liberation from inhuman bondage and the draconian clutches of the caste system. It is this devilish system, which robbed our ancestors for centuries and enslaved them like animals. All we have to do is sit together and work together. It not the money that brings the change it the will and determination of people that bring the change.

For the benefit of those who don’t know me, I would like to introduce myself briefly. I come from a Bhangi family from Distt. Jallandar Punjab. In my childhood I have gone through many insults humiliations, pains, suffering and depravation as many of my people are even going through today after 55 years of Independence have elapsed. I used to clean streets of my village with my mother where many of my classmates and teachers used to see me, with whom used to sit for studies. For them passing insulting remarks were fun but for me it was torturous. These Childhood insults made me stronger and determined to fight and fight this evil system wherever it exists and in whatever form it exists. Now I live in London and, for last 25 years engaged in the spread of Phuley -Ambedkar ideology internationally especially in the midst of the Valmiki jatti. I have studied Baba Sahib Ambedkar many times over and I have realised and believe that if any body have fought and worked for my freedom and equality- he is nobody, other than the great Baba Sahib Ambedkar. His life long struggle is directly responsible to provide me the equal opportunity to rise and rise to the level of any other Indian. I am strongly of this opinion that given the equal opportunity and facility to any Valmiki Jatti person, he is able and capable of rising to any level. You all know the history of India and fully aware of the appalling and despicable conditions of our ancestors, where they merely existed to stay alive. They were forced to take any menial job to survive. Therefore it is our duty to study and absorb the history carefully and with responsibility. Because our history have some great men and women who have come before us and their characters, achievements and deeds have transformed the character of the whole society. Such great people have immense power for good or for evil. Modem Indian history records two such personalities by the names of Dr. Ambedkar and Mr.Gandhi.
Ambedkar who fought for our good and Gandhi who did every thing evil.

Another thought which puzzles me is that, How we fell to this inhuman level? How we came to be treated worst than animals? Why we accepted deprivation of education every human right even human dignity? Why such a vast number counted in millions accepted such a demeaning status and for such a long time? How the brain washing of such a magnitude was carried out-for, which no parallel in human history can be found? These are the issues for our daily discussion as far as today’s topic is concern that where our Mukti (Valmiki Jatti emancipation) lies? Where do we go from here? There have been other oppressions in this world since the Evolution of man on this earth. Each community in trouble has produced great men to deal with their oppression and we had our great men too. Out of many men and women, name of Baba Sahib Ambedkar stand’s out. He pitied us, cried for us and died for us. Unfortunately my community has failed to recognise his sacrifice and services he rendered for my people. This I feel is the root cause of our downfall. Today we are the most visible untouchables; most hated and disliked community in India. I hold Mr.Gandhi and congress responsible for these obnoxious, unthinkable social conditions under which we are groaning today. As far as the Valmiki Jatti is concerned would Mr Gandhi have not made his phoney trips to our Basties (colonies), our social conditions be so doomed today. I believe Mr. Gandhi was the biggest cheat and most evil man India ever produced after Manu. Let us see what Baba sahib said,” Mahatmas came and Mahatmas gone, but untouchable remain untouchables.” He further added,
“Hindus (Ruling class) can be ranked among those cruel people whose speech and deed are two poles apart. They have this Ram on their tongues and a knife under their armpits. They speak like saints and act like butchers. They utter God is omnipresent and treat their countrymen worst than animals.”

Weather we are kept there by congress and Gandhi or BJP deliberately or we are there by our own ignorance ,time has come for a change. Let us not waste any more time, let us not drift down any further from where, it will be more difficult to recover .Let us return to the viewpoints of Baba Sahib Ambedkar and it is not too late. Ambedkar is a revolution, Kranti, which has the power to dismantle citadel of casteism and can meet all challenges to enable us to counter all hated in the society toward us and can provide us a way out. Let me briefly remind you what Baba Sahib Ambedkar Did for us and said for us, otherwise you will think I am a devotee of Baba sahib Ambedkar and devotee has duty to praise his idol. Let me tell you that I am a devotee of Baba Sahib I am a solider of his Kranti; to me he was an Intellectual colossus, from who I have drawn all my strength, guidance and compassion. On his advice I am paying back to society as much as I can. I worship knowledge more than I worship anything. I am indebted to his dynamism, wisdom, services and struggle and I will pay back with the last drop of my blood. I feel the day my Valmiki brothers and sister will come to this terms that they have to solve their problems themselves and no body he means no body is coming to their help.

If any body ask me a question as to why I love and follow Baba Sahib Ambedkar, my unequivocal answer is that he transformed me from animal to man and provided principle solution to my all social, economical, political and religious problems. He studied in depth these problems and pin pointed the root cause and the culprits. After having higher education abroad Dr. Ambedkar came back to India and took up his contracted job with state of Baroda. Where he met the disgraceful behaviour by his colleagues that his shadow remained polluting, let alone his touch. He was denied accommodation because of his caste. It was this confrontation, which made him rebel against the oppressive system. Because there was a man within him which refused to accept this social conditions. Today we the, Chandalas, Dassas, Chuhras, Bhangies, Valmiki call us by any name were the sworn enemy of the Aryan from the days of first invasion of India. Since that period Brahmin is trying to control us and bring us into his fold on his terms. This is also the definition of a slave whose time. and movement were determined by his owner. The free man was one who regulates his own movement and determines how he should spend his time. Today we are slaves in modern way no visible chains no restrictions, but mentally controlled.
No right to education,
No right to property,
No right to wear arms
These restrictions broke us away from the main streams of society and made us known Bhangies (The Broken People). Calling us by different names only watered down the bitterness we the Bhangies hold against Brahmins. Valmiki is the name we horriedly accepted, with this we accepted all terms of Brahmins and drifted away from Baba sahib’s Kranti. Today we became only obedient to God’s commandments laid down in their so called holy scriptures weather it suits us or not. Brahmins have managed to confuse our community and accommodate the caste system with a deadliest blow, which proved to be so effective. Therefore the responsibility fell on the shoulders of BAMCEF to do the wrong -right by awakening the Valmiki community. Let us wake them to the change in attitude, which they have forgotten that we were the rebellions against Brahmins and casteism. I have observed in the last few years the change is taking place, but pace is slow. This years old illiteracy years , years old slavery will take time, we have to double trouble our efforts. With justice on our side we will win and win very soon.

(1) Gandhi.
Since the day of invasion, Brahmins have been designing their religious scripts their deities in accordance to maintain his supremacy. Gandhi was another designed personality and conspiracy of Brahmins. His visits to Bhangi colony was a compete brain washing of our people and was design to keep us engaged to the profession of safayee Karmchari and not allowing us to take up other professions. He was terminated soon the purpose of Brahmins was fulfilled. He was murdered because of the fear that he may become menace to Brahmins would his consciences rose to the harm he has done to Sc, St, and Obc. Ours is a country of costume worshipers. Any one besmears his body with ashes and adorns the same with a loincloth; he can easily become a Mahatma. Mr Gandhi put up similar show, which made it easier for him to miss led, the Valmiki jatti masses. On the other hand baba sahib Ambedkar bore modern clothes. It was long afterwards that Dr. Ambedkar embraced Buddhism. Mr.Gandhi had much earlier refused to regard him a Hindu in a letter addresses to Mr. Santram BA secretary general of Jat Pat Todak Mandal (society for the eradication of caste system). In answer to his letter which was published in Harijan, Gandhi wrote-” in case Varans (four fold division of Hindu society) forms, a part and parcel of such Hindu outlook. As explained what Hinduism is and if an individual doesn’t care to subscribe to Varans, how can then he call himself a Hindu? in case your organisation refuses to accept the authority of such religious scriptures then your organisation also stands on the same footing as Dr. Ambedkar does and hence neither your organisation can be considered a Hindu organisation nor Dr.Bheemrao Ambedkar a Hindu.” And today we see the slogan “Say with pride that you are a Hindu” how forged and hypocritical it appears. I feel this to misguide and to draw us to Hinduism of their benefits. As today we have democratic system in India, which mean Government of people, for the people, and by the people. Therefore if Brahmins have to remain a ruling class they need our support in the form of votes. The right to vote for which Baba Sahib Ambedkar fought all his life and then was conferred on us to become a ruling class ourselves. That is one reason the ruling classes do not want the Valmiki community to follow Baba Sahib Ambedkar. Sathio time has come to realise this and realise now. Otherwise!

“Sun that set, may rise again;
But if we loose this light
T’s with us perpetual night”
Ben Johnson

We have lost a lot with our ignorance, but there is still lot left to save. Today we have a mountain against us law and order judiciary political agents, political parties, and the whole ruling classes. Still we an organisation like BAMCEF, which is, all India based organisation, consisting of good preachers, thinkers and intellectuals of immense capacity to bring about the launch of our own liberation. I hope and request to all my Valmiki jatti people to join hands with this organisation and attend their cadre-camps. Looking of their commitment and sincerity and the volume I am convinced our freedom is not faraway. Our fight is not for a day, for a month or for a year, ours is a continuous fight as our enemy is changing his strategy ,and misleading us in false directions.

“People crushed by law have no hopes
but from power. If laws are their enemy,
they will be enemies to laws; and those
who have much to hope and nothing to loose
will always be dangerous, more or less.”
Edmund Burke

Freedom is a very powerful weapon on top of the strength of unity is invincible. Let us work in this direction and pool in all our recourses. Those, who can contribute financially, should do so, those who can contribute physically should do so and those who can contribute intellectually should also do so. Our struggle should not be for one caste, one state one community but for the capture of political power for all Mulnivasi (indigenous Indians). Political power is key to all our problems and rightly Baba Sahib Ambedkar standing in the garden of our parliament house is constantly reminding us to capture that temple of power. Because all decisions of our future and the future of our generations are made there. Baba Sahib Ambedkar also informed us what to do and what not to do? Hoping my Valmiki jatti people will let the right thought of Ambdekar prevail and win the day for them.

I have learned from Gautam Buddha ,Joytiba Pheley and Baba Sahib Ambedkar that when they are challenged and humiliated by the supermacy of Brahmins in the Indian Society,they didnot call for any Superpower from Gods and Goddests they sat and tried to annalise the reasons for that and then rebel with their al;l power they have to delmolish that evil syatem. That is all I offer my all Mulnivasi Brothers and sisters that donot look at any superman or God for your salvation what look at your own strngth and ability and use it collectively to will all what we have lost.

” Without rebellion, mankind would have stagnate and injustice would be irremediable.”
Bertrand Russell
Jai Bheem! Jai Mulnivasi!!

Yours in liberation struggle


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